There is great demand for marquees that are specifically designed to provide weather protection to buildings and spaces. For buildings, we design , engineer and fabricate solutions that are suitable for many different conditions and deal successfully with the severe weather.

In the first stage we work closely with  our clients to understand their needs, review the built conditions, take into consideration building code  and translate that into ideas through hand sketches and software 3D modelling. This process develops the idea and allows a clear understanding of the benefits and what protection will be provided.


On approval of the contract, we re-measure and remodel to ensure accuracy. With that we use engineering software to complete computational, non-linear analysis of the marquee and the supporting elements . The information is used to engineer the structure to building code and for detailing for fabrication. We work with specialist steel and membrane fabricators to build the product to the highest budgetary standard.


The site installation is planned and coordinated with the client in detail during fabrication period. Our installation crew have been trained for many years to work specifically with and to the particular requirements of membrane structures. Base work preparation of anchor points take place first. Thereafter with the site clean and the weather conditions good, the team install the membrane and tension into position.