Any piece of equipment is only as safe as the people who work with it.

Inherently, our canopies are resilient and the unique, dynamic force distribution quality manages changing load conditions. This makes it strong and safe even in extreme conditions.

We back that up with good preparation procedures, specialist knowledge, experience and careful planning. Our installation crew are well trained in the system and work from installation drawings to ensure the right structure is built to the best possible standards. After dismantle, the equipment is inspected in the warehouse for damage and repaired where required to ensure the equipment fit for use at the next event. It’s a process we repeat for every event, predictably! 



我們專業的安裝團隊,全部受過指定的專業訓練, 他們會按著設計圖則,仔細地完成每個安裝細節, 確保搭建出來的天篷均合符指定要求與規格。



For compliance requirements, we work with consulting companies to supply engineering reports. For our structures, we can supply,

  • Safety Inspection Report
  • RSE Certificate

  Risk is managed to ensure safety.


  • 安全檢查報告
  • 結構工程師所發出的結構安全證書



Severe Weather

Knowing conditions that the structures are being subjected too is critical in assessing risk.

We monitor actual conditions on site plus monitoring weather forecast websites such as The Hong Kong Observatory and WindGURU.

Typhoons and other severe weather phenomenon are predicted ahead of arrival, so we discuss implications and make plans in advance to ensure safety. 


我們除了會派專業人員駐守場地,以應付突如其來的需要外,亦會留意天文台及WindGuru所提供的天氣預報, 監察天氣的變化,以便對搭建天篷的方法上作出適當調節。